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Training Cane Corso Dogs

The Cane originated in Italy (2000 years ago). Some claim that it was originally used as a war dog for the Roman Empire. In Italy, this breed was used for a variety of roles – hunting dog, watchdog. Cane Corso is not only a strong and tough dog, but also a sociable and family dog ​​of a stable character. This rare combination of traits made him an excellent working dog and led many peasants to adopt and assist him in his daily routine. Among other things, this dog was used to secure freight carts, keeping cattle herds. They also helped cattle in the transport of cattle (for sale in the market or for slaughter). If necessary, the Cane Corso was required to take control of a huge animal such as a bull. This breed is also an exceptionally intelligent animal. However, the same wisdom can pose a challenge for Cane Corso owners. Cane Corso will require a thorough education of obedience and acceptance, if we want to understand and follow the rules of his new human world. Although Cane Corso learns fast and has a strong desire to please, he can also be possessive and protective in relation to family and property. Training the puppy is the only way to have a dog family. Cane Corso education should begin on the day you bring the puppy to your home.

All dogs live in the wild in flocks, and as such, they need a leader. Your first Cane Corso boss was his mother. All his life lessons came from Mum and the other puppies in the litter. Now you have to take on the leader’s role and make it clear to him what a proper behavior is in terms that his little brain will understand. Remember that from the perspective of a puppy, there is no logic in human rules.

Gore Kana Corso - cana corso When should you start training Cane Corso

Remember this – the best time of learning is in the first five months of a dog’s life (any dog). This is an age when his brain is still fresh and capable of absorbing any lesson, negative or positive. Positive impressions and correct socialization at this point in his life are critical to his development as an adult dog. The amount and quality of time you spend in your Cane Corso puppy at this point will determine which dog he will grow up to be.

Dog behavioral science tells us that the dog will repeat any activity it is rewarded for. This is called positive reinforcement. If something good happens, such as delicious candy or hugs and kisses, the puppy will naturally want to repeat the behavior. In the same study, it was also proven that one of the best ways for Gore’s brain is through his stomach. Keep your pockets laden with candy for puppies at all times so you can always reinforce good behavior as it happens.

The puppy can be strengthened even when it manages to avoid negative behavior or what we humans might consider unacceptable, such as digging in the garbage can (the dog doesn’t know it’s not allowed). If your dog digs in the trash, eats your food or does anything that makes him feel good, he will do it again. In this situation you must keep an eye out and watch out. He needs to learn what’s good and what’s wrong with your rewards and repairs.

Important rule: The puppy must learn that you are now the alpha dog and his new band leader.
Another important rule: You have to teach it in a way that it understands. Always remember that the puppy does not know what human behavior is. It is not something that is talked about or known to him.