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The Cane Corso breed

The Cane Corso breed is considered an ancient breed. These dogs are very strong and muscular athletic dogs originating in Italy. The dogs fur of the Cane Corso breed is short and shiny. The colors of the race fur are: blue / gray, black, or a mottled mix of the colors we mentioned. The dogs of the Cane Russo breed are considered to be big, intelligent dogs with noble looks.

Although these dogs were previously used for work such as property maintenance, large live hunting dogs, herding dogs, cattle guarding dogs from predators and thieves and even “butcher dogs” whose job is to lead the cattle to market or slaughter, it is a gentle and pleasant dog that is very calm and able to Employ yourself alone. Outside the house, or in a large, safe yard, the canoe Corso dog will enjoy raving and playing. A canine Corso dog can be a great companion for any family whether you live in the village or in the city. Thanks to his high intelligence and comfortable and stable nature, he can also be raised in the company of other dogs, small children, or pets because he has no tendency to aggression.


The Cane Corso breed is considered a healthy breed with no genetic predisposition to specific diseases, mainly due to successful hybridization. The most prominent problem these dogs can suffer from is a pelvic problem typical of large dog breeds. A simple examination of his parents’ history could save you from buying a puppy that could suffer from this problem in the future. Dogs of the Cane Corso breed can live for about 10 years on average, with of course the better the quality of life of a dog, the longer his life will be.

Exercise: Like all big dogs and especially all dogs that used to be working dogs, the Cane Corso dog needs long and intense exercise every day.


The high intelligence of these dogs and their calm nature makes their training an easy task. It is important to start training already when they are puppies because these puppies will very quickly become physically large dogs and then controlling them will be very difficult. Cane Corso dogs are considered very sensitive dogs and so only training in positive methods with lots of positive reinforcements and rewards will do the job. Socialization is also important from a very young age, so that the dog can live peacefully and peacefully with children, guests, dogs and pets.