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Taming Cane Corso

Here’s some information about Cane Corso – correct breeding, character and characteristics, history, proper care and training of Cane Corso dogs. We are at LADOG – a dog training, with a professional knowledge and extensive experience in training dogs in CaneCorso.

Professional training for the Italian Cana Corso-LADOG dog

A large and powerful dog, elegant with a long and athletic muscle structure, it exhibits strength, flexibility and endurance compared to other giant dogs. His fur is short but not smooth with texture like a glittering glass that gets thicker as winter comes. The height of the males is 68 cm on average, and their weight ranges from 55 to 65 kg. The height of the females is 64 cm on average and their weight ranges from 40 to 48 kg. Their lifespans range from 10-13 years (the life span of this breed depends very much on the pelvis, which we will talk about later).

The Cane Corso is kept in its original breed and originated in Italy, originating in the breeds of hunting dogs. He was the favorite dog of the Italian population. It has previously been used for a variety of tasks such as keeping cattle and hunting. Today it is mainly found in conservation areas in southern Italy. The origin of the name Corso comes from Latin and means “shield”. Many in Israel call the race Cane Corsa.

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Cane Corso character

Can be loyal and a good family dog , of course with proper training and breeding we will talk about later. In addition, he is a relatively quiet and calm dog capable of adapting to life in the apartment. A very intelligent and easy breed compared to the other great breeds for training and training. He is an active dog outside the home in a new dog environment, people and places. He can be an excellent guard dog and an excellent defense dog with the help of a dog training course. The Italian Cane Corso in proper training is a great dog for a family with children (but still a female priority), it is gentle and gives love to its owner. Although they are very protective dogs they are very gentle. They are very closely related dogs. Although most of the time their temperament is calm, if required he will respond forcefully to anyone who tries to harm his owner or home or his owner’s property to the extent of protection.

Professional dog training for Kana Corso-LADOG

The Cane Corso may be suspicious of strangers but great with the family , but also Cane Corso suspicious of strangers can be tamed by discipline when guests arrive. If the dog is properly trained he can be very obedient to the household members, it is important to use his workforce training in discipline (his developed game creations). In the past, the dog’s ears were chopped, so as to neutralize the wolves that cuddled the sheep, and come out with as little harm as possible. This is why the ears are their most sensitive organ, much more than the rest of the body.

Professional training for Kana Corso-LADOG dogs

Originally, the Cane Corso is a martial dog and therefore they are dogs that may seek confrontation with other dogs.

These dogs have been groomed for centuries as strong working dogs. The Cane Corso is not a dog for anyone, it needs an experienced person who knows how to discipline and control the dog. The dog can be aggressive towards strangers or other dogs if he is not attached to them. If he sees himself above his owner in the hierarchy, he may also be aggressive towards the owner. The phenomenon of aggression towards the weak owner can be in any race, but for the Cane breed Corso this phenomenon can be more popular due to its tough and strong nature in adolescence. In order to instill in the dog the right character it is important to get him to connect with other dogs from the time he is a puppy, it is also highly recommended that the dog undergo dog training course for advanced discipline and control of the dog in terms of family hierarchy. The Cane Corso can be a good-natured and well-trained loyal member with a tough, strong, self-assured owner who sets laws that the dog must follow and sets clear limits on what he or she can do with a daily daily supply of mental and physical exercises.

Practice discipline with Kana Corso-LADOG

The Cane Corso can also live in the apartment and provided they have the required amount of activity . He will have no problem living outside in the yard if he has a kennel to meet his needs. Because this breed is considered athletic in relation to the other large dogs, it requires moderate activity throughout a healthy and balanced life and can therefore be an excellent companion for walking in the morning or evening, but beware of heavy heat, these dogs are very sensitive to heat and especially may be attacked by respiratory problems in the breed.

Advantages of Cane Corso dogs – a dog well adapted for training. In adulthood an excellent watchdog. Relatively calm and suitable for growing even in an apartment. Short fur that requires little grooming. Outside the house is relatively active for the other big dogs (if the dog is not overweight). Very smart dog, with excellent absorption for training. Kana Corso has created a very strong (game) job which they associate with training to reach high levels.

Kana Corso taming an eye-LADOG connection

Disadvantages of Cane Corso Dogs – Overweight dogs suffering from severe pelvic problems in adulthood may be dominant with weak owners who are not proficient in taming a dog of this breed. Matures very slowly and therefore retains the rattlesnake only at a mature age (but taming the defense has no problem with his training even at an early age). In adulthood, it can be aggressive towards strangers and other dogs.

Without rigorous training Cana Corso may be dominant-LADOG

Cane Corso Can Be Dominant Without Growing Right – Cane Corso in adulthood can be very dominant without a strong leader in the home, this breed may develop domination and territoriality in the wrong breeding, there are dogs of this breed that show signs of aggression as the owners approach their food or place of sleep and play their. In order for the phenomenon of aggression to not reach the maturity of the dog at all, it is very important to train discipline along with training the owner’s control over the dog. The Cane Corso must have a dominant owner and a leader to understand its location in the hierarchy of the home. Many dog ​​owners do not think that this breed of their own will be dominant and aggressive to the owner because of its slow maturation of the illusion that their already physically grown dog is also the dog that has reached full maturity. It is important that the training be accompanied by a dog trainer who will guide how to create proper leadership on the dog to understand its position in the human family and thus be safe to grow at home.

Development of the game created by Kanna Korso-LADOG puppies

When you know the depths of Cane Corso strong bites for biting games, this amazing breed can be trained to very high levels for discipline training. It is a breed that greatly enjoys bite games such as a rope or a more professional game called papyrol. These bite games with the right link in a dog training course to discipline can bring amazing results in training. A classic example of linking taming with games, every time a dog calls me a bite game, the dog very much enjoys the command and does so enthusiastically. The Cane Corso bite games are more powerful than various food choppers. In developing the game that underlies hunting and correct biting, the dog strengthens the cravings and thus increases his love for taming. A professional dog trainer who understands the breed can instruct the dog owner on how to strengthen the cravings in combination with complete discipline to fully control this powerful dog.

Kana Corso is a huge graduate of LADOG

Cane Corso is considered to be a relatively slow-growing dog for most dog breeds – these types of dogs feel that their dog behaves well even at the age of three, due to the slow-growing phenomenon of dogs of this breed do not notice that their dog is acting in puppy control games without the owner. An example of this is when the dog jumps on the owner in puppy control games and this way also understands that the owner is weaker, and this is another milestone for the dog to understand the power relations and go up the hierarchical scale. Due to the size of the dog and its immense power, he may realize that he is stronger than the owner, and occupy a higher place in the family hierarchy and then develop leadership in the home as a mature dog. Therefore, it is very important to tame the Cane Corso for the highest level of discipline and thus understand his place on the hierarchical scale. Remember the dog grows older and changes throughout his life, the older a dog becomes the tougher and stronger his character. Kana Corso starts to get his true character on average at the age of four.

Kana Corso Blue-gray LADOG

Proper Exposure to Cane Corso Dogs – Cane Corso dogs without accurate exposure at a very young age can be cowards. It is a breed that requires more investment in terms of exposure to noises, foreign people and other dogs. Without the owner’s adequate visibility, the Cane Corso may escape from any noise. If you see that the puppy refuses to approach a stranger, and even moves back, another problem should be dealt with immediately, which may develop cowardly aggression in the future. Proper exposure to dogs at an early age is a prerequisite for raising this strong dog, without exposure it can bite dogs from fear. The exposure age should be three months after the end of the third hexagon vaccine.

It is important to disclose on time, many times the owner or veterinarian determines the time between vaccinations and long periods of time, leading to the end of vaccinations at three and a half months instead of three months. This figure seems negligible to the owner, but at this age every day is critical to the exposure of the Cane Corso. If the breeder gave the first vaccine just in time, hexagon vaccines can also be terminated at two months and three weeks of age. At these ages the exposure is very effective.

Comprehensive training course for Kana Corso-LADOG dog

How to Expose a Puppy Cane Corso – The puppy should be taken daily to new locations at least an hour a day. A place that the dog knows is no longer a threat, so it is not advisable to take a permanent place, these change as many areas as possible, and in diverse places. Noisy places like city center, bus stop and more. Exposure to people at an early age – Some dog owners think that their dog should not be allowed to come in contact with strangers, in order to become a good protection dog, this is a common mistake to be rooted out. A good defense dog must first have high self-confidence and then perform the defense exercises well and confidently. But Cane Corso, who was not exposed to enough strangers, would simply be fearful and unstable in character. Exposure to Dogs – Exposure to dogs should have as many dogs as possible, but not too strong dogs, starting with gentle dogs and slowly with the dog’s confidence can be taken next to each dog. Exposure to the dog is too strong, can give the dog a negative experience and then distance from dogs. But remember as many correct dogs as you can at a young age are key to success.

Kana Corso LADOG Defense and Assault Training

Training Cane Corso for Defense – An excellent defense dog for personal protection, with professional training you can reach these dogs with very high levels of personal protection, are very strong and strong dogs in this job and enjoy the protection training. Regarding Space Conservation – Training for protection is the basis for guarding, following its slow maturation. Cane Corso begins to retain its territory at a later age than most other dogs, but as this breed begins to guard, it is considered an excellent guard dog. It is important to work with this breed in defense over time, To start training for protection at an early age and finish at a mature age. In long-term protection work, the dog undergoes several important stages from the puppy stage, at which point the puppy learns to imitate the other dogs (so we recommend to our mother in close proximity to other dogs who know protection and thus the puppy learns) and it is important to train them to the maturity stage where the dog is performing as a mature dog. Always remember that the Kana Corso is slowly maturing so training over time is the most correct and effective training for any breed, but especially in this breed.

It is important to maintain proper weight for the Italian Cana Corso-LADOG dogs

It is important to maintain proper weight for the Italian Cane Corso

Pelvic Problems in Cane Corso – Unattended for proper weight and reasonable fitness Cane Corso has a high chance of pelvic problems in adulthood. Many Cane Corso owners feed on a larger amount than it takes which causes pelvic erosion over the years, so it is very important to maintain proper weight even as a puppy for the rest of its life. The main problem for dog owners is the thought that their dog has a good weight even though in most cases he is overweight a few pounds. When a dog is fattening it does not develop a belly, so dog owners tend to think that the fat dog is broad and muscular, which in most cases is a dog with excess weight. Another factor that can help protect the pelvis of the Cane corso is the strengthening of the dog’s muscles. Strong legs better support the pelvis and less cause it to erode, so it’s important to go with the dog for walks, run it on a daily basis with play, but it’s important to remember that this breed is not capable of prolonged activity and heat training, so we trained the canoe in short running training with games and a combination of long walks , Do not during the hot hours.