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Cane Corso : Role in History

History and role:
Origin in Italy. Prior to 1988, Cana Corso was only known in southern Italy and was considered rather rare but still used as an inspiration in historical Italian art. He was formerly a keeper of property and cattle, partying large animals and serving as a companion dog for populations in Italy. By 1970, Kana Corso was almost extinct. With the efforts of race lovers, a new generation of Cana Corso was created. The new Cana Corso is different from the Cana Corso of the 1980s. His cravings are still slightly, he becomes slightly more massive and his nose shorter. In 2008, the UKC was recognized as Cana Corso Italia. In 2010, the AKC was recognized as Kana Corso.

Kana Corso is a big, strong and impressive breed. It is intelligent and easy to tame and train. Peaceful and quiet at home, happy and fun outside, great with family and kids, other pet friendly, loving and wonderful companion dog. Kana Corso has a stable and balanced temperament, is extremely loyal and remains close to his owners. He is very gentle but if necessary will courageously preserve his owners and property. While Cana Corso is big and strong, he is not a dog of battle and will not seek quarrels and avoid conflicts whenever possible. Slight suspicion with strangers and if not undergoing a socialized puppy can develop into a cowardly dog ​​and difficult to control.

It is very important to expose as much as possible during the puppy period to allow the dog to cope with the world. A cowardly Kana Corso is a Cana Corso who is very difficult to deal with because of his massive size and heaviness. It is worth training a basic discipline to create a common language that makes it easier to deal with.
Kana Corso is a dog that needs daily mental and physical activity but can adapt to growing the apartment because it is calm and peaceful indoors. This is a great family dog ​​suitable for raising children. Can also stay outside if it has adequate shelter.