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We started breeding Mastiffs at 2007, and had many amazing puppies with the wonderful South African Mastiff.
We always thought it would have been the perfect dog breed if they were just more athletic. We love running and our Mastiffs just couldn’t keep up with us…they were big and bulky.
If only we could find a more athletic Mastiff we thought…and then we saw the Cane Corso and fell in-love with this breed. The rest is history, and now we finally feel we do have “the” perfect dog.

For now we own 4 Cane Corsos that we breed with :

  • Keyser : a gorgeous male – very intelligent, athletic & loving dog. True Perfection. Great for indoors and outdoors.
  • Sia : dark gray female – very affectionate, obedient & a great family guard dog all around. She’s amazing with kids and babies.
  • Drogo : massive and handsome male, not as athletic as Keyser but still very active. A great guard dog – very scary looking but yet friendly.
  • Ivy : light blue female , very gentle and shy. Easy going & very loving. You won’t feel her in the house…she’s an angel.

We plan to breed them once a year.
Reservation is recommended – the sooner, the better.


We only choose serious show homes for our pups. We stand behind every puppy with a written contract that covers genetic health and temperament issues.
We do not sell dogs for the sole purpose of breeding.
We have worked long and hard to establish our quality program. If you want to benefit from those years of breeding excellence, you must be willing to be mentored and earn the right to breed through titling and health testing the puppy.
To maintain correct breed type, all show prospects are required to have their ears cropped unless client lives in a country in which cropping is forbidden.

The cost of a puppy is $4,000. $500 deposit.
The cost includes:

  • Tail and dewclaw removal
  • Age appropriate vaccinations and worming
  • 12-month health and temperament warranty & a full title guarantee
  • AKC/ICCF registration with completed papers sent directly to clients

We provide clients with Individual puppy personality evaluation and client matching service. We send the puppy home with comprehensive training and feeding instruction booklet, and we provide Tech support for life.


Alexis Kaye
Alexis Kaye
Litter 4
Beast Boy
Beast Boy
Litter 4
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne
Litter 4
Diana Prince
Diana Prince
Litter 4


Our Cane Corso Love


There Are 3 Qualities We Strive To Improve In Our Cane Corsos :

First, we love the blue color.
Our goal is to make the blue Cane Corso more popular.

Second, we love athletic dogs.
We know that some breeders go for size, strength or bulkiness, but for us a Cane Corso represent speed & agility.
And we love to run with our dogs.
We breed for speed – our Cane Corsos can run for hours and jump higher than any other Mastiff breed.

Third, temperament is very important to us.
Our Cane Corsos have great temper – they are protective but yet friendly when need to be.
They love kids – they have amazing patience to kids all ages, including babies.
They can be great guard dogs as well as great indoor dogs.





Family Owned | Parents On Site

We aim to be the most reputable breeder in California, as we don’t believe in buying a puppy from some Home Depot parking lot…
A dog is a family member that will live with you for many years – why would you want to buy a puppy from a breeder who will not welcome you to his home and show you where the parents live, in their normal habitat.
When you pick a puppy, you need to look at his character too and you cannot do it anywhere else but where the puppy feels comfortable – at home… surrounded by his siblings and parents.
You should never buy a puppy from a breeder that meets you in a “public place” for his “safety”.

Most importantly, a dog breeder should be trusted and should stand behind his dogs, and if you do not know where he resides – how can you trust them ?
How can you trust a breeder you met in a parking lot with a deposit money for a puppy, when you don’t know where they live and who they really are ?

We Invite You To Our Home – Come Meet The Parents !
See All Our Puppies – and Chose the Right One for You.
Because we Stand Behind Our Puppies.